Materiaal: goud, 750, 1000 of platina 950, Kleur: geel, rood, grijs, zand grijs, groen of platina wit. Lengte 20 - 80 cm.

Coil. »Niessing first marketed the coil with its safe and simple clasp in 1986. The idea quickly developed into an alternative to the traditional chain. Today, Niessing offers a large family of products related to the “coil” theme. By combining them with various pendant systems, you can use the Niessing coil to constantly create new jewellery images. It is a playful option - and yet another appealing reason to widen your collection. See for yourself how you look when you wear the Niessing cong coil in various materials, diameters and lengths. There are no limits to your creativity.«

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Prijs per stuk v.a.: € 560,00
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