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Leverbaar in 9 en 10,5mm breed. Exclusief in 18 karaats goud of platina.


The beauty of a red-gold feathered bird: the phoenix is a symbol of eternally repeating cycles, of perpetual recreation. The special aesthetics inherent in repetition.

Phoenix flows around the neck: light, supple, and splendid. There is a certain solemnity in wearing it. The regular circle of the neck jewelry is repeated in the small round discs of gold or platinum.
The female body turns into a landscape, gently traced by the band of precious metal. The hoop swings softly around the neck; in the center is her personality. Jewelry for unforgettable moments. The edges deliberately go without shininess. The material itself with its own pristine, soft glow shows a self-confident presence, which any accessories would only distract from. Deep serenity for deep emotions. Gold, platinum, and personality are condensed in Phoenix.

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